Emerging Technologies Forum &
Annual Business Meeting

From the Field

“The ET Forum is a powerful professional learning experience for state leaders. SETDA members have the opportunity to learn about national trends, collaborate with state leaders from across the country and, learn about new and innovative practices.”

Candice Dodson, Director of eLearning, Indiana Department of Education.

June 24-27, 2016
Denver, Colorado


ET Forum
Meeting Location

Denver CO 80202


June 24-27, 2016
Denver, Colorado

SETDA’s annual Emerging Technologies Forum (ET Forum) provides a venue for SETDA’s state members and the private sector to engage in meaningful dialogue about topics of importance in digital learning across the nation. Companies showcase their innovative products and services while SETDA members, representing the state departments of education, highlight their major state initiatives and priorities. The ET Forum is attended by an average of 75 state members representing the educational technology leadership from no fewer 42 states, as well as the corporate community, represented by SETDA’s annual private sector partners and ET Forum event sponsors.

Join the Event

Participation to the ET Forum is limited to SETDA state members and state colleagues or invited guests from regional organizations, affiliates and potential affiliates. States may also invite a limited number of district representatives as special guests. Email Tera Daniels if you have questions about registration.

Become an Event Sponsor

Learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities to engage with our state members at the ET Forum. Additional details about our State Speed Meeting event are available here.

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Attendee Key

purple_button20X20 State Members

Platinum_button-1 Platinum Partner

gold_button Gold Partner

Affiliate_button_A Affiliates

green_button_E1-20x20 Emerging Partner, Year 1

green_button_E2_20X20 Emerging Partner, Year 2

light_blue Channel Partner

red_button Event Sponsor

State Members may attend every activity except the Corporate PD sessions.

PDF of Agenda


Sponsorship Opportunities

SETDA offers organizations and companies  sponsorship opportunities  at our in person events. To learn more review the SETDA Emerging Technologies Sponsorship Opportunities and contact Melissa Greene at or 202-715-6636 x703.


2016 ET Forum & Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Meeting Location: Embassy Suites Denver Downtown
1420 Stout St, Denver CO 80202

Friday, June 24, 2016

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • Board Meeting (SETDA board members only)Quartz Boardroom

12:00 – 1:00 pm

  • R&D Focus Group purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A – Quartz Boardroom

1:00 – 7:00 pm

  • ET Forum Registration – Crystal Foyer (3rd floor)

1:00 – 2:30 pm

  • SETDA Welcome Meeting purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A – Silverton Salon 3
    ESSA Updates & Strategic Planning

2:30 – 2:45 pm


2:45 – 4:45 pm 

  • Speed Meeting Sessions purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_Ared_button – Silverton Salon 3

4:45 – 5:00 pm


5:00 – 6:30 pm

  • Platinum R&D Focus Groups  purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    • Apple Inc. – Silverton Salon 2
    • CDW-G – Aspen Salon
    • Common Sense – Silverton Salon 1
    • Esri – Quartz Boardroom

6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Opening Product Showcase Reception for Speed Meeting & Event Sponsors, Gold & Platinum PS purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_Alight_bluePlatinum_button-1gold_buttonred_button – Cripple Creek Foyer

Saturday, June 25, 2016

8:00 am – 2:00 pm

  • ET Forum Registration – Crystal Foyer (3rd floor)

8:00 – 8:45 am

  • Welcome & Breakfast purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Silverton Salon 3

8:45 – 9:00 am


9:00 – 10:00 am

  • State R & D Focus Group Session I purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    • Amazon – Aspen Salon A
    • AT&T – Crystal Salon A
    • Office Depot – Crystal Salon C
    • Schoology – Crestone Salon B
    • Symbaloo – Crystal Salon B
  • Concurrent Corporate PD: Navigating the Shift – Digital Instructional Materials Policies and Practices Platinum_button-1gold_button – Aspen Salon B
    • Facilitator: Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director, SETDA

9:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Emerging Private Sector Partners Workshop  light_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Crestone Salon A
    • PD sessions conducted by Channel Partners

10:15 – 11:15 am

  • State R & D Focus Group Session II purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    • BrainPOP – Crystal Salon C
    • ENA – Crystal Salon B
    • School Messenger – Crestone Salon B
    • Texas Instruments – Crystal Salon A
  • Concurrent Corporate PD: Federal Policy Update Platinum_button-1gold_button  – Aspen Salon B
    • Facilitator: Dr. Tracy Weeks, Executive Director, SETDA

11:30 – 12:45 pm

  • Networking Luncheon purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20 green_button_E2_20X20– Silverton Salon 3

1:00 – 2:00 pm

  • State R & D Focus Group  Session III purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    • BLE Group/PCG – Crystal Salon B
    • EdSurge – Aspen Salon A
    • Kajeet – Crestone Salon B
    • McGraw Hill – Crystal Salon C
    • Smart – Crystal Salon A
  • Concurrent Corporate PD: A-11-Why?, “Accessible Instructional Materials” Platinum_button-1gold_button  – Aspen Salon B
    • Facilitator: Mindy Johnson, Instructional Designer, Social Media & Communications Strategist, CAST

2:15 – 3:30 pm

  • State R & D Focus Group Session IV purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    • Google – Crestone Salon B
    • Intel – Crystal Salon B
    • Microsoft – Crystal Salon C

3:30 – 3:45 pm


3:45 – 5:00 pm

  • States Sharing Rapid Fire Sessions purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttongreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20
    • Innovative Educational Opportunities – Crystal Salon B
    • Equity of Access to Broadband & Devices – Crestone Salon B
    • Professional Learning – Crystal Salon C
    • Shifting to Digital Instructional Materials – Crystal Salon A

Dinner on Your Own

6:00 – 7:00 pm

  • New Member Mixer (all members are welcome)Atrium Alcove (4th floor)

7:00 – 9:00 pm

  • Networking Event at the Appaloosa Grill – Meet in “Embassy Downtown Denver” Hotel Lobby purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20
    535 16th street, Denver CO 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

7:45 am – 12:00 pm

  • ET Forum Registration – Crystal Foyer (3rd floor)

8:00 – 8:30 am

  • Breakfast (All Emerging and PSP invited) purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Silverton Salon 3

8:30 – 9:30 am 

  • Emerging Partners Lightning Round Presentations (Gold & Platinum PSP invited to attend) purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Silverton Salon 3

9:30 am – 10:30 am

  • Emerging Partners Showcase (Gold & Platinum PSP invited to attend) purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1gold_buttonlight_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Silverton Salon 1

10:45 am – 12:30 pm
Topic Discussion Sessions purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1

  • Every Student Succeeds Act State Planning – Silverton Salon 3
  • Instructional Materials: Practices, Policies & Procurement – Cripple Creek Salon Platinum_button-1

12:30 – 2:30  purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1
Lunch on Your Own

10:45 am – 1:30 pm
Topic Discussion Session purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_APlatinum_button-1

  • Equity of Access: Broadband Taskforce – Cripple Creek Salon 2

11:30 – 3:30 Emerging Partners Debrief/Mentoring Emerging Cohort light_bluegreen_button_E1-20x20green_button_E2_20X20 – Quartz Boardroom

  • 11:30 – 12:30 Chris Piehler, PR with Panache, “Tell Your Story”
  • 12:30 – 1:30 Working Lunch
  • 1:30 – 2:30 Peggy Fernau, Lanier Thinking, “Go To Market Strategy” & Next Steps
  • 2:30 – 3:30 Bruce Umpstead, ScaleUp Education Partners, “Understanding the Human Infrastructure When Working Inside States”

2:30 – 4:30 pm

  • Annual SETDA Business Meeting purple_button20X20 – Silverton Salon 3

4:30 – 5:15 pm 

  • Board of Directors Meeting (SETDA Board members only) – Quartz Boardroom

6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • State Members Dinner at Coohills  purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A
    1400 Wewatta St, Denver CO

Monday, June 27, 2016

State Members & Affiliates Only

7:30 – 8:30 am

  • Continental Breakfast and Committee Meetings purple_button20X20 – Silverton Salon 3

8:30 – 10:00 am

  • eRate Modernization Workshop FCC purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A – Silverton Salon 3
    • Lisa Hone, Associate Bureau Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau, FCC

10:00 – 10:15 am


10:15 – 12:00 pm

  • U.S. Department of Education (ED) Discussion Session – Silverton Salon 3 purple_button20X20Affiliate_button_A

    • Joseph South, Director, Office of Educational Technology
    • Katrina Stevens, Deputy Director, Office of Educational Technology
    • Takecia Saylor, Career Deputy Director, Office of Educational Technology

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Sponsorship Opportunities

SETDA values its relationship with the private sector, and strives to create meaningful partnerships. Our events not only provide the opportunity to share details about your product or service but also a chance to engage in meaningful dialogue with state leaders regarding topics of national and state interests including digital instructional materials, professional learning, data and student privacy, equity of access,

WHAT: Annual Emerging Technologies Forum: An opportunity for companies and organizations to engage in activities and meaningful dialogue about learning in the digital age with state education leaders.

WHO: Attended by an average of 75 state members, representing the education technology leadership from over 40 state education agencies as well as the corporate community represented by SETDA’s annual Private Sector Partners. To learn more about SETDA, visit here.

TYPES of SPONSORSHIPS: Speed meeting, event, wi-fi, mobile app and more. Sponsorship opportunities and a full listing of event sponsorships for both of SETDA’s in-person events for 2016 can be found in this sponsorship document.

INCLUDED: Every sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • a table for demo/display at Friday evening’s Tabletop Showcase & Reception attended by all SETDA members;
  • access to the pre-registration list for targeted outreach only (for individual contacts, not mass solicitations);
  • company branding on event signage, mobile app and event related web pages and via social media campaign
Speed Meetings: How it works
  • Companies/organization will be seated at a round table with 8-10 state members.
  • You will present for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • State members will rotate to another table and the cycle will repeat until you have presented to every state member in attendance.
  • Only 10-12 companies will be permitted to participate (on a first come, first served basis)

Speed Meeting Details Document

For more information:

To learn more about additional event sponsorship opportunities or annual private sector partnerships, contact Melissa Greene, Director of Strategic Partnerships at 202-715-6636 ext. 703 or

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States Sharing Rapid Fire Sessions

From the Field

“The ET Forum is a powerful professional learning experience for state leaders. SETDA members have the opportunity to learn about national trends, collaborate with state leaders from across the country and, learn about new and innovative practices.”

Candice Dodson, Director of eLearning, Indiana Department of Education.

June 24-27, 2016
Denver, Colorado



Denver CO 80202


Rapid Fire States Sharing sessions provide the opportunity for states to learn from one another and share ideas. Each state will present for 5 minutes highlighting a powerful example of an educational technology initiative that positively impacts teaching and learning. Presenters have only five-minutes and up to 5 slides to succinctly share the essence of the program.

2016 Topics

States: Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin

States: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Guam, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, West Virginia, Wyoming

States: Alaska, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon

States: Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington

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Thank you to our Event Sponsors!  Join the sponsors below at the ET Forum where they will participate in activities to showcase their products and  make meaningful connections with SETDA’s unique membership of state leaders from across the country.  Participating in the ET Forum as a sponsor affords these companies the valuable opportunity to stand alongside state leaders and discuss EdTech issues and solutions. For more information on how to become a sponsor, visit here.


BLEgroupThe BLEgroup, a PCG Company, is a network of leading edge decision-makers who provide a variety of services to: investors, the education industry and to school district senior management to plan, implement and integrate technology for improvement of instruction and management of technology integration for schools.

Company Contact: Eliot Levinson, President|

Canvas_colorThrough open, usable, cloud-based technologies, Canvas enables easy integration of the content, tools, and services that teachers need and students want. As the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform (think 99.9% uptime), Canvas is adopted faster and deeper (or, is used in more ways by more users) than any other LMS. So, in the end, investing in 21st century education technology actually makes teaching and learning easier (like it’s supposed to). Learn more about Canvas at

Company Contact: Melissa Gomez, Regional Director|

Common Sense Kids Action works with policy makers, business leaders, and other advocates to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed in the 21st century. Our mission is to make kids and education our nation’s top priority by building a membership base and driving policies that promote access for all kids to high quality digital learning experiences; protect kids’ online privacy; expand access to affordable, high quality early education; and reduce child poverty.

CTL_logo-Compute-Teach-LearnHeadquartered just outside of Portland, Oregon, CTL has provided technology solutions, including CTL Chromebooks, Tablets, PCs, LCD Monitors and Servers to education customers throughout the United States for over 26 years.

As a privately owned company, CTL has grown to be an internationally recognized education technology solution provider not only by providing our customers with innovative computer hardware built with attention to detail and using the best materials but also by listening to our customers to make sure that we consistently meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

There’s a reason that CTL stands for Compute, Teach, Learn. We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in education. We hold a number of public sector contracts that give us a wealth of experience in planning and executing large scale 1:1 education projects including a NASPO MLTI Master Agreement (Maine 1:1 Multistate Learning Technology Initiative), a contract with Nevada for the Nevada Ready 21 1:1 project, and a NASPO Computer Equipment contract.

Company Contact: Erik Stromquist, President|

A wholly owned subsidiary of CDW (NASDAQ: CDW), CDW Government (CDW-G) is a leading provider of technology solutions to education, government and healthcare customers.  The company features dedicated K-12 account managers to help districts choose the right technology products and services to meet their needs.  The company’s solutions architects and engineers offer expertise in designing customized solutions, while its advanced technology engineers assist districts with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions.  From network communications and notebooks to virtualization and mobility, CDW-G is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions and resources to its customers.

As an extension of that philosophy, CDW-G publishes EdTech:  Focus on K-12, which offers best practices, features, product reviews and case studies, sharing real life applications.  CDW-G also sponsors, a free online resource for K-12 and higher education professionals and institutions to find grant opportunities to augment their budgets, expand critical programs and provide additional resources to their students.

For more information about CDW-G product offerings, procurement options, service and solutions, call 1.800.808.4239, email or visit the CDW-G Web site at

Company Contact: Mark Pazdan, CDW-G Segment Marketing Program Manager| e-mail

D2LD2L is the software leader that makes the learning experience better. The company’s cloud-based platform—Brightspace—is not a common one-size-fits-all learning management system (LMS). It’s easier to use, more flexible, and smart. With Brightspace, you can personalize the experience for every learner to deliver real results. The company is also a world leader in learning analytics: its platform predicts learner performance so that you can take action in real time to keep them on track. Brightspace is used by learners in higher education, K–12, and the enterprise sector, including the Fortune 1000. D2L has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore. |

Company Contact: Donna Hall-Brodie, Event Planner|

EdSurge_Stacked_Logo_GreenEdSurge is the premier source of information and resources regarding education technology. Our mission is to help educators learn about, find, select and use the right technology to support their needs and learners. Our original reporting, in-depth research, regional summits and edtech comparison and matching tools enable educators and administrators to make better decisions about when and how to use technology to support teaching and learning.

EdSurge is also a Future Ready Implementation Partner and co-creator of the Digital Innovation and Learning Awards with Digital Promise. Learn more at

Company Contact: Evo Popoff, Consultant | is a free professional learning and social network that makes it easy for educators to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and improve teaching and learning. We provide the online professional learning and support educators need to advance their practice, build better schools, and prepare students for life-long learning and success.

Company Contact: Lisa Schmucki, Founder & CEO|

FETC17The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) is the nation’s premier event for preK-12 education leaders, administrators and technologists to connect and collaborate on leveraging technology to drive student success. Now featuring five distinct tracks to best fit your needs specific to your role, FETC’s mix of immersive workshops and solution-packed sessions will give you inspiring ideas and action plans for successful technology implementations. For more information, visit

Company Contact: Missy Ciocca, Executive Director, Marketing Operations|

logo_300_dpii4Class is an educational technology productivity application used to facilitate learning and instruction of mathematics in the 21st century. It is device independent for use at any time, with any curriculum, in grades 6-12, adult education and distance learning programs. It has also been shown to increase student performance by 10-20% and reduce teacher-grading time by 80%.

i4Class delivers real-time, trending, actionable data that helps teachers accurately target the specific needs of each student. This detailed information is reliable and easy to synthesize for effective Data Driven Instruction.

Teachers use i4class to create tailored Formative assessments in minutes for use both in and out of the classroom. They are instantly graded and students can receive instant feedback and on-demand help for perfect practice.

i4class comes with extensible and customizable standards aligned content, that you can add to, or incorporate any open source content to. Teachers use this content to quickly and easily flip-the-class or seamlessly integrate any of the other Blended Learning models into their daily teaching practices.

Company Contact: Jim Solinas, Project Implementation Manager –

KajeetLogoLockup_4CKajeet, the industry leader for safe mobile student Internet connectivity, is bridging the digital divide in school districts across the country. Kajeet provides an affordable mobile broadband solution that connects low-income students to the resources they need to complete homework. The Kajeet SmartSpot® solution, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot combined with the innovative Sentinel® cloud portal, enables administrators and teachers to provide CIPA-compliant, customizable filtered Internet access that keeps students focused on school work and provides off-campus Internet connectivity without worry of data abuse.

Company Contact: Michael Flood |

KickboardLogoWe help build safe and happy schools where students and staff thrive.

By combining powerful behavioral management and intervention technology with impactful leadership coaching, Kickboard schools are better equipped to support a dynamic learning environment where students are inspired by a positive school culture.

Learn how positive school culture directly impacts academic performance, see real Kickboard success stories, and discover how Kickboard fits in any school culture framework – from PBIS to SEL and more.

Company Contact: Eric Hathaway, Marketing Manager |

LearnZillionOne in three U.S. teachers relies on LearnZillion. LearnZillion empowers educators by providing access to thousands of high-quality, standards-aligned lessons and resources — all at no cost. LearnZillion also offers school districts a unique professional development solution that combines the expertise of teachers with the power of technology to support teachers in providing exemplary instruction.

Company Contact: Ty Bennett, Field Marketing Manager |

MHE Logo_RGBBy partnering with educators around the globe, McGraw-Hill Education’s learning engineers, content developers and pedagogical experts are developing increasingly open learning ecosystems that are proven to improve pass rates, elevate grades and deepen engagement for each individual student while improving outcomes for all.



logo_on_whiteThe Metiri Group is a consulting firm that specializes in 21st Century digital learning for K-20. Trusted and respected in the industry, Metiri offers strategic consulting, evaluation, research, technology planning, and research. Check out Metiri’s web-based tools that enable schools to assess readiness for digital learning, readiness for online assessment, student engagement, and student self-direction. Hot off the presses is Metiri’s LearningRevolution site that provides next generation, personalized professional learning for teachers on entrepreneurship. For more information visit: and

Company Contact: Cheryl Lemke, CEO/President |

Microsoft works with local, national, and international education communities to create technology, tools, programs, and solutions that help address education challenges, while improving teaching and learning opportunities. We believe that the evolving demands of the global economy make education vital to sustainable social and economic success. We also believe that education is a fundamental human right and is the single most important investment in the future of individuals, communities, the nation, and the world. We hope that technology can help extend powerful new education opportunities to millions of people. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Company Contact: Cameron Evans, Chief Technology Officer |

MIDAS, the Massively Integrated Data Analytics System, provides all the functionality of 13 different software systems schools traditionally purchase. MIDAS provides curricular and assessment resources, parent communication and accountability, assessment analytics, and district and student information management all in ONE platform designed with individualized instruction in mind.  Districts using MIDAS save money, improve student performance, and increase teacher productivity by replacing multiple existing programs that do not “talk” to each other with one system built on the Amazon Web Services cloud and fully integrated with Google Apps for Education.  MIDAS was built by teachers with kids and teachers in mind!

Company Contact: Patrick Leonard, Chief Operating Officer|

PrintSchoolBlocks is a school district website solution that deeply integrates Google & Microsoft cloud-based solutions. At the same time, it follows the latest methodology to deliver a first-class mobile experience.

Company Contact: Stephen Shapiro, President|

Sphero began the connected play revolution in 2010 by creating something unlike anything – and we never stopped. We fuse robotic and digital technology into immersive entertainment experiences that ignite imagination and defy expectation. Because technology is evolving, learning should evolve with it. Through connected play and discovery, our robots are challenging and inspiring brilliant young minds. From math and science to programming and the arts, hands-on activities expand imaginations and help shape a brighter future.

Company Contact: Jan Goerzen, Marketing and Events Coordinator |


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